Debt Counselling

Reduce interest rates and fees
Extended payment terms
Legal protection from creditors
Clear your name and improve credit ratings

Extended repayment terms

Reduced interest rates and fees

Protection from your creditors

What is Debt Counselling?

Debt counselling is a formal and closely managed debt solution, introduced by the National Credit Act in 2007. Debt counsellors guide clients with debt problems through debt review, enabling them to make monthly debt repayments and gain financial stability.

What are the benefits of debt counselling?

The debt counselling process helps clients who are struggling to make debt payments, by entering them into a structured debt repayment plan with their credit providers, in order to ensure they take firm control of their financial situation and settle their short and long-term debt.

  • We have helped over 50,000 individuals get back on track with their finances
  • We have saved our clients over R500 million in interest and fees
  • We have reduced interest rates on our clients’ accounts from an average of 21% to 7%
  • We have saved our clients R2 million on cases where money has been lent recklessly
  • We have saved 600 homes and vehicles from being repossessed in the last 18 months
  • Debt counsellors will formally review the clients finances, develop a suitable monthly budget and negotiate with credit providers on their behalf
  • Enables clients to make monthly debt repayments
  • Relieves clients from creditors hassling for money
  • Prevents clients from declaring bankruptcy
  • Maps out the path for reducing bad debt and becoming debt free
  • Decreases summonses and judgements against clients
  • Debt counsellors will educate clients about their financial rights and how to work better with their finances